Call me if your dream lines up… 801-550-3988

The Plan:
Buy remote land (approx. 5 acres or more) in Alaska, preferably on a lake that can only be reached by Bush Plane, Float Plane, Ski Plane, Boat and/or Snowmobile. A cabin is a bonus, but not necessary. A goal would be to build a cabin over time, if one hasn’t already been built.

Wish List:

  • Near Excellent Fishing. Salmon preferred.
  • Near Excellent Hunting. Bear and Moose. Carabou would be a nice added touch.
  • Less than 2 hour flight from Anchorage, preferred.
  • Susitna Drainage, or thereabouts, preferred.
  • An airstrip would be awesome, if not lake front property.
  • Add your wishes here…

Potential Partners:
I’m a bit of a loner, but would welcome a partner (or a limited number of partners) to help offset the costs and more importantly to help in building a cabin. I’m not as young as I once was…

A substantial piece of my dream involves having part ownership in a plane (float, ski and bush), based in Alaska, that I could use to access the remote property, roughly 4-6 weeks out of the year. 2-3 in Summer, 2-3 in Winter. With some flexibility. I would be willing to pay up to half of maintenance and costs of hangaring plane, plus a reasonable hourly rate, in exchange for 4-6 weeks of use per year. If you have a plane, give me a call or text and we can discuss options. My name is Chad 801-550-3988.